About the Apprenticeship

The apprenticeship is a year-long experience of following Jesus in the context of an intentional church community. Apprentices form a “mini-community” in the midst of the larger community to encourage one another in pursuing Christ, and in order to concretely share life with one another. Anyone wanting to explore Christian community and grow in faith and love is invited to apply.

When Does the Apprenticeship Begin?

The Apprenticeship begins in mid-August, and ends in July.  There are break times scheduled into our calendar, but we ask that apprentices make being an apprentice the primary focus of their year.

What is Daily Life Like?

Apprentices live in households with Sojourner members, share in household meals, meet weekly with a mentor, participate in worship, have a weekly meeting with each other, and read Scripture and other books together in an apprentice class.

Apprentices are asked to:

  • Practice daily disciplines of prayer and scripture reading
  • Commit to a common schedule and calendar
  • Share their money
  • Learn group discernment by making decisions together
  • Pitch in on church chores
  • Meet regularly with a mentor
  • Work an outside job and consider questions of vocation
  • Participate in ways the church serves the neighborhood

Have Questions About the Apprenticeship?

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