We are grateful for the brothers, sisters and friends who, both individually and corporately, sustain and encourage us in our walk of faith as we work together toward God’s Kingdom:


Shalom Missions Communities (SMC)

Sojourners is part of the Shalom Mission Communities network, a group of intentional Christian communities that walk with one another and encourage one another. Other church communities who are part of SMC are Reba Place Fellowship, and Hope Fellowship.  Every year representatives from each community meet together, and every three years we have a “camp meeting” in which our wider congregations gather to learn from and enjoy each other. We also publish a quarterly newsletter, and have a sister community relationship with the village of Valle Nuevo in El Salvador.  Every three to five years, we invite leaders from the other communities and a local pastor to visit us and give us feedback. The visiting group interviews each one of our members, and then gives a report to the entire congregation on strengths and areas of concern. SMC has proved to be an important network of encouragement and accountability for us.

Northwest Communities

Sojourners is part of the Northwest Communities, a grouping of communities connected with Church of the Servant King Eugene, and Church of the Servant King Portland.  Our leaders gather yearly for support, fellowship and encouragement.  We also facilitate our members visiting one another’s communities and see ourselves as extended family. It’s so important and valuable for us to be connected with other Christian communities who share similar visions of being church together.

Other Affiliations

Although we are not formally affiliated, we feel a lot of affinity with Mennonites and have been deeply formed by the Anabaptist tradition (emphasis on community, peacemaking, discipleship).

Other important connections for us are our friends at the Ekklesia Project, and the New Monasticism.  Locally, we have deep connections with two Presbyterian churches, Grace Fellowship Community Church and Redeemer Community Church

As much as we respect Sojourner’s Magazine (Jim Wallis) we are not affiliated with them.


Bread and wine for communion


Here are some of the ways we try to live out our values.

Dove carrying branch to symbolize peace

Our Values

Here we explain what we mean when we say we are a “church family of disciples.”



Here are books written by Sojourner authors, the covenant that guides our life together, and a description of how we celebrate Yahweh’s Kingship (aka the Fourth of July).