• Growth through Conflict

    Conflict provides the crucible for me to grow in my areas of weakness—empathy and vulnerability. I learned this somewhat accidentally when I attended the Nurturing Communities conference in 2017.  While there, I noticed a workshop on non-violent communication (NVC). As a community leader, I saw [...]

  • The gift of spiritual direction for Christian community

    Spiritual direction was invented in and for intentional Christian community. Sometimes we forget that spiritual direction began in monastic communities, was designed for members of those communities, and had the goal of helping both the individuals and the communities flourish. Ask anyone who has lived [...]

  • Fast in Response to Sacred Grievous Moments

    Fasting, suggests Scot McKnight in his book on the topic, is a response to a “sacred grievous moment.” For those of us enduring the assault of the daily news—the reports of refugee kids howling for lost parents, of neighborhoods devoured by climate-change-fueled infernos, of spiritual [...]

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