Our mission is to “learn to live together in genuine peace and love, and let others in on it.”
Jack Bernard

By the Numbers

We are about 16 adults and 3 kids
We live in 4 houses and share 5 cars
We’ve been around since the late 1980s
We are intergenerational, from young kids to 70-somethings
We gather together 3 times per week
We can’t count the number of guests who have visited us

The Body of Christ as a witness against individualism

It’s not easy to be the body of Christ in a society that is hyper-individualistic.  But that is what we are called to.  We try to live in a way that the “we” matters, rather than just focusing on ourselves.  We find that God has to help us unlearn some things, to die to ourselves, as we seek to grow into the full stature of Christ together.  It is a struggle, but ultimately we know that individualism destroys us and that we find abundant life in Christ together.

Our Christian Tradition

We are a Christ-centered intentional community. We see ourselves as part of the Anabaptist movement, though only a few of us were raised in that tradition. We do not focus on doctrine, but desire to be deeply rooted in historically orthodox Christianity. We do not make our identification with either the “Christian right” or the “Christian left” but try to navigate by the ways Jesus is calling us to be faithful, without putting a label on it. We want to be strong in our Christian convictions, strong enough to resist the corrosive elements of our culture, and to be committed to Christian unity in a way that allows us to be in disagreement with brothers and sisters at times without being divisive.

Nonviolent self-sacrificial love

We believe that Jesus embodied the fullness of God’s love.  That love led him to empty himself, to become human, to live and minister among us.  That love also led him to die on the cross on our behalf, loving his enemies rather than killing them.  We take seriously the call to love like Jesus—though we know we fall short of that goal.  We seek to embody that love in our church community.  We seek to embody that love towards those around us.  In a society and world that is so violent, we proclaim that war, hatred and violence are contrary to the will of God, and that as Christians we must not participate in them, but to be peacemakers in the way of Christ.

Common life as family and partners in the gospel

We live an intense common life as the primary focus of our lives.  We share houses, cars, meals, and money, along with prayer, worship and discernment.  To function well, we need to be deeply family to one another, and see our family life as being partners in the gospel together.


Bread and wine for communion


Here are some of the ways we live out what we believe.

Dove carrying branch to symbolize peace

Our Values

Here we explain what we mean when we say we are a “church family of disciples.”


Our Affiliations

The church and organizational networks in which we are embeded.



Here are books written by Sojourner authors, the covenant we live by, and a description of how we celebrate Yahweh’s Kingship (aka the Fourth of July).